Armoured Alliance

Armoured Alliance is a real time strategy game, with explosions and awesome!!!! SO MUCH AWESOME!!

About The Game:

Being able to battle your friends and call them names for being bad at things is key to the human experience. This game provides all the things that you really need in this life. Fun, Anger, and of course salty friends.

Realtime strategy at its finest, captures turrets to control all the bases and prevent the enemy team from refueling. Protect your bases, don’t lose your builder.

This game will increase your salt levels by 9001% garuntee’d!!!!

Screenshot 1

You can play against the AI or against your friends and family for maximum salt!

Screenshot 2

You can play on many different maps!

Screenshot 3

Blowing things up is fun!!!


  • Multiplayer!!! Blow up your friends and produce the finest quality salts!!
  • Singleplayer mode against the AI!!!, defeat testAI in mortal combat!!
  • Build your own fortress of awesome, attaqqq your enemies!!!
  • Expand your mind trying to outsmart your opponent in realtime, it may hurt .. but its good for you!!!
  • Eat your vegetables.
  • Blow things up!!! Mines make big explosions and damage terrain around them!!!

Systems Requirements:

Requires a computer and operating system
OS: ALL OF THEM (desktops)
Processor: One that PROCESSES
Memory: Needs some Ram for sures …. definately should have some
Graphics: You should definately use a video card to play this game, yes yes you should.
Storage: 150 megabytes required.

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